WCSG Green Sweep

The Sport of Diving hasn’t been in the Western Canada Summer Games since 2007, but it was a big comeback for our sport and definitely for Team Sask who won 7 of the available 12 Diving medals.  The ending was especially satisfying as our girls swept the final event podium on the 3m event.  Medals went to:  Margo Erlam, GOLD on 1m and 3m;  Quinn Gariepy, SILVER on 1m and 3m;  Kelsey Clairmont, BRONZE on 3m;  Jamie Spilchak, GOLD on 1m and 3m.  Margo also broke Team Sask records on both boards.  The medals won and points earned helped our province come in 2nd overall at the Games.  Great job Team Sask divers and Coaches Steve Carroll and Laura Desautels.