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Coaches Corner Resources Below:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Certification Pathways
  • The Locker
  • Screening Policies
  • Respect in Sport
  • Post Secondary Scholarship
  • Concussion Protocol
  • Responsible Coaching Movement

Code of Conduct

     Member Code of Conduct


Dive Sask coaches are certified under the NCCP (National Coach Certification Program) which is governed by the Coaching Association of Canada.

Interested in being a coach?  The following link will help you determine what level of certification you need to coach athletes at each level of development

                             The LINKS

Certification Pathways

Now that you know what level of certification you need,  you need to understand the steps to get there.


Depending on who you will primarily be coaching, you should aim for the following level of certification:

  • Coaching Recreational athletes – Instruction Beginner
  • Coaching Novice and Pre Comp athletes – Competition Introduction
  • Coaching National and HP athletes – Competition Development

For every certification level, you must complete the following steps to certification:

  1. Take the workshop – 1 or 2 weekends.  You are now considered TRAINED
  2. Be evaluated by a Dive Sask evaluator – including completing any assignments, workbooks, etc
  3. Take the MED Online module for the appropriate level.  You are now considered CERTIFIED
  4. Annually complete the DPC Registration process, including uploading a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check.  You are now eligible to coach in Canada.
  5. Complete the Saskatchewan Respect in Sport online module (once only).  You are now eligible to coach in Saskatchewan.
  6. Maintain your certification by earning Professional Development points each year – the number of points you need depends on your level.  See the charts below.
  7. Follow your certification, update your information and track your PD points at the Locker

Locker LogoDetails

Below are the detailed pathways for each level of certification.

Certification graphicInstruction Beginner Pathway

Competition Introduction Pathway

Competition Development Pathway



DPC Screening Policy for Comp Intro & Comp Dev Coaches

Effective September, 2017, all Comp Intro Trained/Certified Coaches and Comp Dev Trained/Certified Coaches MUST register with Diving Plongeon Canada before they can coach within any club in Canada.  See information and instructions here

Dive Sask Screening Policy for Instruction Beginner Coaches

Screening Policy – effective Sept 2017, this policy applies only to Instruction Beginner Coaches.  Comp Intro and Comp Dev Coaches will be governed by the DPC Screening Policy above.

Respect in Sport

In Saskatchewan, coaches of ALL sports are required to take the Respect in Sport online module.  See below for details of the Dive Sask Respect in Sport policy and to login.

Post Secondary Scholarship

Active Saskatchewan Diving coaches are eligible to apply for a scholarship to assist with post-secondary education costs.  4 scholarships of $500 will be awarded each year.  Download application instructions below.

Concussion Protocol

Responsible Coaching Movement

Dive Sask has taken the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge – click here for more info about Respect in Sport, Coach Screening and Rule of 2