Competitive Programs


Novice (Provincial level)

Once you move past the basic skills, you are ready to compete at a provincial level. The 5 dives you will learn are:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Reverse
  • Inward
  • Twisting

At Novice, you will have a partial “list” of these dives – you can perform some but not all of them. You will compete against other athletes of the same age group, and will probably train 3-10 hours per week.


Once you have mastered all five dives, you are ready to compete at a High Performance level. You will compete at Provincial, Western Canada, National and International Meets. You will be eligible to try out for Canada Games, Pan Am Games and World Championships. You will compete with others of the same age and will probably train for 15 hours per week or more. You will also take part in Training Camps, Sports Medicine Testing, and other Athlete Symposiums. Dive Sask currently employs two High Performance Coaches who guide the direction of our competitive program:

HP Coach North: Steve Carroll
HP Coach South: Laura Desautels

Contact Steve or Laura for more information on our competitive program.

Competitive Programs in Saskatchewan are offered at:

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Regina Diving Club

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Saskatoon Diving Club