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shutterstock_1346238842Whatever your present skill level, there is a place for you in the world of diving! Whether you want to jump off the side of the pool deck or do a triple twist off the 10 metre platform, we can help you!

The sport of diving first appeared in the Olympic games in 1904, and there has been no turning back since! It is a combination of strength, beauty, acrobatic stunts, grace, and athletic thrill performed off of a 1 metre, 3 metre, or 10 metre platform or board. Saskatchewan offers you programs that range from a Learn to Dive skill progression program, through to High Performance Competitive Diving. We have recently sent athletes all across Canada, Houston, Orlando, Buffalo, California, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Cuba – and we have brought home medals from everywhere we have competed! Our ultimate goal is to send divers to the Olympic Games and we believe we have the programs to make it happen! We have also seen many athletes walk away with expensive University Scholarships!


Since 1976, Diving Canada and its Provincial Sections have been promoting the Learn to Dive program in municipal pools and Diving Clubs throughout the country. The goal of the program IS to introduce children and adults to the skills of diving as a sport and educate them in a correct and safe manner. This program has skills that follow a logical progression to ensure that all participants can complete all levels if they wish. The teaching methods include games and fun activities to provide a positive atmosphere for participants. A cornerstone of the program is the promotion of diving safety; knowledge that will carry over for a lifetime! The skills and progression of each dive level have been organized so that the student diver can complete all four levels of the program if they wish.

Benefits of the Learn to Dive Program…

An important aspect of this program is to minimize the risk of failure and reward all participants for their efforts in a positive manner. All participants receive a waterproof booklet within which they can chart their own progressions through a bronze, silver and gold stage of each of the four levels. Bronze, Silver and Gold stickers are provided and should be affixed on the appropriate certificate (one for each level) in the booklet after the student diver successfully completes each stage of a level. The program includes games and fun activities that teach safety and skill development.

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